The Vancouver Aquarium

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Ailing Vancouver Aquarium beluga stumps vets following death of another whale

The only remaining beluga whale at the Vancouver Aquarium is under round-the-clock observation, exhibiting the same symptoms as another beluga that died suddenly on Wednesday. Aquarium officials say...
Beluga whale at The Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium files copyright lawsuit against documentary filmmaker

The Canadian Press VANCOUVER — The Vancouver Aquarium has filed a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement by a filmmaker whose documentary was critical of the facility's treatment of dolphins and...

Historic operation in Vancouver not enough to save Corky the sea otter

Corky the sea otter succumbs to injuries despite undergoing experimental surgery, says Vancouver Aquarium.

Drone captures photos of new endangered baby orca swimming alongside mother

Scientists captured photographs of orcas using a remote-controlled 'hexacopter' hovering 100 feet above ocean.
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Knowing the Salish Sea may lead to its protection

Washington-based scientist-authors speak at Aquarium on their newly released book on the Salish Sea

My top 5 restaurants in Vancouver: Tim Bedford's guide

Chef Tim Bedford of the Vancouver Aquarium has made his mark on Vancouver's food scene in multiple ways. In addition to serving outstanding food at the many events the Aquarium hosts, he's a...