Vancouver 2010 Olympics

IOC's false patriotism and disrespect of indigenous peoples

IOC is in the business of making money for itself by hosting Olympic events. That is its real agenda, disguised behind the smoke and mirrors of mad flag waving and false patriotism.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Made in China

China may not have won all the top medals, but the nation took home a lot of Olympic gold.

On the Streets a Near Mob, in Sears an Arrest, in the Canada Line... Flags and Sponatenous Outbrusts of National Anthem

Pandemonium followed Canada's win of the Olympic men's hockey game final yesterday, but it never spilled over into the riot it could have become.

Mayor Robertson on NBC's Today Show

 Mayor Gregor Robertson will appear live on NBC’s Today Show Tuesday morning at 4am pacific time. The Today Show is the highest-rated morning news show in the United States.   What: Mayor...

Global Interdependence and the 2010 Olympic Games

A high-level of positive and negative energy can be felt in Vancouver as we prepare for the 2010 Olympic Games, and as these preparations interrupt the lives of many Vancouverites, and remind us of it