Van Foodster

There's no such thing as too much cheesecake

With 13 restaurants and bakeries participating, the options are limitless and include decadent chocolate and fruity creations, as well as savory and sweet combos.

Exploring Vancouver's Chinatown at Tasting Plates Fall edition

Richard Wolak took us on a tour of North America's oldest Chinatown to sample delicacies from long-standing restaurants. We also checked out some great new places.

Two buns, a patty and your vote: Van Foodster's Burger Challenge

Vancouver Chefs were eager to partake in this challenge, assuming that the burger on their regular menu is already the best or wanting to test their creative culinary skills.

Exploring what Vancouver's culinary scene has to offer at Tasting Plates

Tasting Plates offered an opportunity to explore a variety of restaurants in East Van. From pizza and portabello fries, to cheesecake and spicy mochas, guests were put through a gastronomical journey.

From earth to esophagus, EastVanLove Tweetup #5 focused on food.

Food is a magical thing. Actually it's not, it takes a lot of work to produce it, to prepare it, to sell it AND to eat it. #EastVanLove Tweetup #5 focused on all of these elements.