Valentine's Day

A month of pagan festivals: your numerology cycles for February 1–13

February is such a short month, and contained within its cloudy interior is not only Groundhog Day but also the festival of love and declaration: Valentine’s Day. One of my favourite little poems...

Lactate Burn

Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Olympics. The current 2010 Winter Olympics frenzy in Vancouver leads me to reflect on high-level athletic performance, particularly in terms of the physiology of the "la

Forget Flowers: Nothing says LOVE like Chef Kev’s Creations

It’s the time of year when singles cower and smug marrieds call in the “get out of jail free” card known as the babysitter; and when candy hearts and Hershey’s kisses are ingested in alarming proporti

Inside the Chocolate Factory in Time for Valentine's Day

“I can’t believe it,” says Glenn Knowles. “That I’ve turned into a chocolatier after 20 years working in finance. I believe it because I can see it. I’m just awestruck that I’m turning out beautiful c

The Secret Sale at Dyrberg/Kern...Shhh

St. Valentine's Day, the day of luv is fast approaching. Cupid is at it again. Been too busy to find either him or her the perfect token of your affection? Well, I heard about a fantastic opportunity