usage-based billing

Canada, together we won these cell phone customer protection rules that kick in today

Canada’s new customer-friendly wireless rules will benefit cell phone users from coast to coast to coast.

We Must Continue: Weekly News Update from

Hi I'm Lindsey and this is your weekly news update from This week, a CRTC decision brings us a step closer to affordability and Big Telecom transparency. And we have an update about...

Fired up? Start a twitter petition

An interview with the founders of, a new twitter petition tool. It helped bring down usage-based billing, could it help your cause too?

Tony Clement to ask CRTC to reverse usage-based billing

Good news for internet junkies. The federal government will ask the CRTC to stop usage-based billing in its tracks.

Canada's first man in space vows to fight for "open and innovative internet" in Parliament

The Liberal Party, led by Liberal Industry, Science and Technology Critic Marc Garneau, have vowed to fight for a free and open internet.