Government employees to work less and from home?

Two simple ideas unions can bring to the table

Stephen Harper terminates postal strike

Mail service should resume within days after weary members of the House of Commons ended a 58-hour marathon filibuster by passing back-to-work legislation for locked-out Canada Post employees.

Postal workers request public support: Canadian Union of Public Employees

The Official Opposition NDP is conducting a filibuster in the House of Commons to defend free collective bargaining and to oppose back-to-work legislation (Bill C-6) aimed at the Canadian Union of...

Canada Post suspends operations nationwide

OTTAWA -Canada Post suspends operations across the country after 12 days of rotating strikes. The Crown Corporation blames declines in mail volumes and revenue.

Assault on unions: is Canada next?

 The startling move by the Governor of Wisconsin to eliminate the right of its public sector workers to collective bargaining has sent shock waves through North American business and labour....

Vancouver International Film Festival Picks for Days 4 & 5

Volkmar Richter’s picks for Sunday and Monday include the best Canadian film in some time, a provocative English comedy and some strong documentaries. (read more)

Vancouver International Film Festival Picks for Day 3

Volkmar Richter’s best bets for Saturday at VIFF include a celebrated acting performance by Javier Bardem, a rousing equal pay campaign, a violent samurai battle and real soldiers fighting in Afghanis