Ten days to win a visually splendid, deeply pampering getaway to the Pacific

Silence and romance in Ucluelet, British Columbia and Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, a drop-dead beautiful location.

Which gorgeous BC hotel did Taylor Lautner and Twilight team evacuate?

No one could get close when Twilight's crew bought out the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, B.C. Except one local girl who happened to be celebrating her birthday when she spotted Taylor Lautner.

Welcoming back whales at Pacific Rim Whale Festival

Have you ever sat in a gently rocking boat and watched a pod of whales splash in the distance, flipping their tails and blowing fountains into the sky? What about 20,000? This March you can. But...

Surfing Long Beach

As a wave approached, I climbed onto the board, activated my core strength, looked behind me, lifted up into a cobra pose, and paddled four strokes. I felt the wave catch the board and power me forwa