Social Media and "The Great Turning"

Twitter processes more than one billion tweets a month. It has over 50 million tweets per day and 600 tweets a second. Twitter does not report its user numbers but Twitter has grown by 1500% in the...

Alexandra Samuel in More than 140 Characters

After launching more than 30 online communities through the Social Signal Company with her partner, stand-up comic and cartoonist Rob Cottingham, Alexandra Samuel recently became the director of...

Tracey Mills of The Beat 94.5 talks Promotions

Tracey Mills has been serving promotions to the Greater Vancouver Area since 2003.

VO's 2010 Games Closing Ceremonies were a Feast

Vancouver Observer Olympics reporters and contributors celebrated their own Olympic victories at a feast prepared by VO food writer Charles Macurdy that featured recipes he created to honour Canada's...

Tweets Aren't Necessarily True

Gordon Lightfoot is not dead and Zynga isn't keeping 50% of donations for Haitian earthquake relief. Just because it's been tweeted, doesn't make it true.

Why Tweet? I'll Tell You How to Make Use of This Fun and Powerful Tool

When Twitter started out, even geeks didn't know what to do with it. When I first tried using it in January 2007, I didn't see the point. Then came the SXSW music, film, and interactive festival and

F as in Frank Vintage Make Fools of Themselves with Racist Display and Then Apologize

In today's highly tolerant world where history of the traumatic actions of our forefathers still casts long dark shadows, it is a fashion faux pas to make racial statements. This is how one man's e-ma

Mayor Gregor Robertson's Twitter Posts Reveal Relentless Schedule and Concern for Homeless

Mayor Gregor Robertson's latest Twitter posts reveal talk of the new Mt. Pleasant Shelter and show signs of resignation to a City Budget that didn't have it all...

Not Waving But Drowning

A woman tweets while her son drowns in a swimming pool, but I'm not going to judge her.

Join a Facebook Group and Save the World!

It's easy to register your opinion on the Internet. But does it do any good?