Generation social media

A large crowd packed into the Alice McKay Room at the downtown Vancouver Public Library last night for #NETCulture: Stories of Culture and Diversity in Social Media. The forum featured talks by...

Destroyed by nature, saved by nature: my home in earthquake-ravaged Japan

It took five days to get in touch with my loved ones in my hometown, Matsuyama, a small town in Northeast Japan with a population about under 7,000, which was shaken by the awful earthquake. I could...

Health Canada debunks popular myths about radiation hazards from Japan in BC

Q: I heard on Facebook that if it rains in B.C., that it will burn and cause cancer. Is it true? A:  This is absolutely not true.  Should any radioactive particles from Japan arrive in...

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: how did they meet and what's with the stache?

How did the two meet, and what's with the fake stache? According to Gossip Teen, Justin Bieber has been moustache-dreaming for a while. JB showed enthusiasm way back when he grew it, err, drew it on...

Lady Gaga raises $250,000 in 48 hours

Monsters, rejoice. In order to help Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims,  Lady Gaga (a.k.a mother monster) spun her creative wheels and turned to design.

Sixth Annual Women in Film Festival Vancouver

Look for great film screenings and useful industry workshops at the VWIFF.

Fired up? Start a twitter petition

An interview with the founders of, a new twitter petition tool. It helped bring down usage-based billing, could it help your cause too?

OpenMedia's #UBB invades Parliament

Earlier today, Stephen Harper ordered his government to review the CRTC's usage-based-billing (#UBB) ruling, a move that came just hours after the Liberal party officially condemned the now-infamous...

Twitter can help Canadians stop the meter on internet use

Signing the petition against usage-based billing is as easy as one, two, tweet.

Canadians are world's biggest web junkies

If you sometimes feel like you're spending more time with your computer than interacting with the real world, you're not alone. Canadians log more hours online than any other country in the world.