Transit Referendum

Typical lineup at crowded UBC campus bus loop

Mayors, premier led us into transit purgatory

Our communities are held hostage by this demoralizing and exhausting political game.
Jordan Bateman, Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Canadian Press photo

Pollsters and planners ‘not surprised’ by results of transit plebiscite

'It was designed from the beginning to fail,' says regional planner Stephen Rees.
Photo by Wayne Worden. Vote yes for Transportation

A "No" vote in the transit referendum is a vote for Big Oil: opinion

The Metro Vancouver transit referendum has gotten off to a rough start, with a slick No campaign attracting much of the attention. But a vote for the No side isn't a vote for a more fiscally...
"YES!" campaign launch sees major support from environmentalists

David Suzuki calls "YES!" campaign "one of the most important decisions facing our region"

The YES! campaign launch drew a broad spectrum of support

Opinion: Transit is smart investment for our growing region, so vote YES

Voting against this proposal would be devastating for the region’s economy and quality of life. Without new funding, congestion would only get worse as the region adds new residents.