Toronto Star

Mother's Day tribute to a brilliant immigrant mom

Michelle Pham paints the portrait of her mother, a fiercely intelligent woman (fluent in Russian, Chinese and English) who escaped Vietnam for a better life.

Hacker unites Mayor Rob Ford and his arch enemy, the Toronto Star

Visitors to Ford's old website are redirected to the newspaper he refuses to speak to.

Why Rick Mercer bought a $19,000 house

Canada's funnyman couldn't afford to rent, he tells the Toronto Star.

Vancouver Observer named finalist in competition for three Canadian Online Publishing Awards

Among judges were online media directors from New York Magazine and Esquire Magazine.

Fifty-nine years does not make you Canadian. Papers do.

Today we call it identification, but back then it was simply called ‘papers.’ “When I went to draw out my application for my old age pension and they asked me for my papers, I said what papers?”...