Team Canada

Miller Outduels Brodeur as Canada Loses 5-3 Against the United States, and Canada Fans Aren't Happy

Despite out-shooting the United States by nearly a 2:1 ratio, Canada's Men's hockey team fell due to a disparity in goaltending.

A Battle for Hockey Dominance: Canada vs. USA

How will Team Canada fare against Team USA when they duke it out in Men's Hockey on Feb. 21? As these teams are closely matched in skill and talent, this game is surely to be very close.

The All Canadian Olympic Round Up

Canada adds two more medals to its count and find out what has been the hottest attraction at the games thus far.

TransLink Updates Commuters, Speculation Over the Final Torchbearer Continues and Many Olympians Face Setbacks Due to Injuries

Commuter update: SkyTrain expanded for Olympic rush, while Canada Line can't cope The Good News: Trains for both the Expo and Millennium Lines will run every minute and 50 seconds instead of every...

UBC Olympic Cash Grab, Team Canada's Roster Finalized and Violence Erupts During the Olympic Torch Relay: VO Olympic Round-UP

Here is what is making headlines: Five UBC Frat Houses to Rent Students' Rooms Over Games More than 200 students at the University of B.C. are being forced out of their rooms as five fraternities...

Olympian Inability to Bypass the H1N1 Line-Ups, Colbert's Catfight with VANOC: VO's Daily Olympic Roundup

The latest Olympic news links to our favourite headlines: Canada's Olympians tight for time to get H1N1 shotRead More Colbert's attack on Olympic ice access brushed off Read More Watch Video Foster...