US soul searching in 12 Strong, Hostiles and The Final Year

Also films on arty pretensions, an impossible bank heist and a stereotype of a women’s tale

Michael and Alicia bring tears; Natalie Portman laments Israel’s history and a big French star gets small

Also an eerie war movie, redemption in Quebec and a mystery thriller filmed in Vancouver

Peter Pan like never before; our soldiers fighting for Hyena Road and predatory capitalism invading 99 Homes

Also a true heroine named Malala, creepy thrills in Goodnight Mommy and prosecuting war criminals in Labyrinth of Lies

Robert Bales' murderous Afghanistan rampage media reports leave out Afghan voices

After the horrific U.S. soldier's rampage on civilians in Afghanistan, the media has largely excluded Afghan voices, focusing instead on the American shooter.

Explosion kills 6 children, 1 man in southern Afghan province

KABUL, Afghanistan-Police say a bomb hidden in a trash heap has killed six children and one man in southern Afghanistan. Police spokesman Farid Ayal says the children were rummaging for scrap metal...

Kabul attack updates

Taliban gunmen armed with suicide vests and heavy weaponry have launched co-ordinated attacks in Kabul, targeting NATO's headquarters, the US embassy, and the Afghan intelligence agency, Al Jazeera...

Promise to Afghans remains largely broken

Two of every three Afghans who risked their lives for Canadian military in Kandahar have been turned away.

Harper salutes departing troops; calls Kandahar Canada's 'great enterprise'

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Stephen Harper took one last tour of the wartorn Kandahar region today as Canada prepares leave its five-year war to begin training Afghan army and police. Harper told...

Aid watchdog warns of 'escalating stalemate' in Afghanistan as attacks increase

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- An organization that keeps track of threats to aid workers in Afghanistan warns of an "escalating stalemate,'' adding the Karzai government is losing its grip on northern...

Movies in Vancouver this weekend: new releases

Win Win, Source Code, Insidious, Hop, Essential Killing and a couple of Italian movies are the new movies in Vancouver this week. Find out what's worth seeing in the following reviews.