Northern Grease Klabona Keepers Beyond Boarding Tamo Campos

Sacred Headwaters victory: Tamo Campos

David Suzuki's grandson Tamo Campos releases a documentary film called "Northern Grease" about Tahtlan opposition to a coal mine in the Sacred Headwaters

Tahltan Council to meet Fortune Mining presidents after Elders serve eviction notice

The Tahltan Frist Nation Central Council President will meet the President of Fortune Minerals to discuss the future of the mining projects in the area.  "Our people have been opposed to...

Changes to Navigable Waters Protection Act dangerously undermine environmental protection, say critics

Some First Nations and conservationists believe the new Navigation Protection Act will further undermine the health of Canada's waterways.

Shell Canada withdraws from Sacred Headlands as government bans oil and gas development in the region

Shell Canada withdraws from Klappan region and government issues permanent ban on oil and gas development.