Stockwell Day

News of the World dead, Rupert Murdoch news-model lives on

Canadian media show signs of adopting the Rupert Murdoch news model, one that prizes gossip and celebrity over public interest journalism.

Xwayxway? Xway not?

Stockwell Day, Federal Minister in charge of Parks, recently quashed an attempt to rename Stanley Park to the aboriginal name “Xway xway” (pronownced qwai-qway).

Hotties and Naughties for 2009

BC Civil Liberties' picks on which Canadians deserve a pat on the back this year, and which deserve to be sent to the corner. Candidates include BC's Police Chiefs, Leonard Cler Cunningham, the VPD an

What Do an Ipod and a Federal Stimulus Dollar Have in Common? More Than You Might Think...

Deputy Mayor George Chow took the microphone. He proceeded to thank the “grandparents” for their Christmas gifts. Minister Day looked a little puzzled so Chow clarified by saying that the relationship