Stephen Harper

Federal support for Amtrak train good news for City’s economy, says Mayor

Mayor Gregor Robertson praised the federal government for reaching an agreement to keep a second Amtrak train running, saying it is good news for Vancouver’s economy. “It’s great to hear the...

Canadian citizenship drama broadcast on national U.S. radio

Since the Vancouver Observer first reported the story of Jackie Scott and others like her who are denied Canadian citizenship because of archaic and sexist laws, Don Chapman has not tired. This is a...

Michaëlle Jean’s final 21-gun salute

As the Governor General leaves Rideau Hall, we can look back fondly upon a heartwarming Canadian story.

UN hones in on female genital mutilation

Gender justice was a focus at the UN Summit on the progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) last week in New York. A promise was made to address the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM...

They fight, they ridicule, they spew vitriol. They're Canada's politicians!

Instead of delving into complex issues, parliamentarians often answer their own questions, leaving the interrogated minister no choice but to rise and respond with “liar”, “dishonourable”, or a combin

Dejection in Vancouver over pastor's wish to burn Qur'an in Florida

“This act is just outrageous. It's direct provocation of all Muslims in the United States and across the globe," Sikandar Khan, President of BC Muslim Association, said. "The Qur’an is our most...

Tony Clement keeps shooting the Tories in the political foot

Tony Clement has gone from rising political star to floundering minister immersed in controversy.

Prime Minister Harper and Queen Elizabeth celebrate Canada in Ottawa

Ottawa Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Laureen Harper and their childre, Rachel and Ben, will attend the Canada Day noon show on Parliament Hill. They will be joined by Her Majesty The Queen; His...

Harper greets President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron at G8 Summit in Toronto

Prime Minister Stephen Harper chats with Barack Obama, President of the United States, at the G-8 Summit

Prime Minister Stephen Harper talks with Bill Gates

   Prime Minister Harper and Mr. Gates spoke about the Canadian government's flagship maternal, newborn and child health initiative. Prime Minister Harper thanked Mr. Gates for his...