Stephen Harper

THE BIG GRAB, Part 2: Elbows Out, Hogging the Pie

The oil sands are cranking up their carbon output as fast as ordinary Canadians are making cuts. But the companies don't plan on paying for more than their fair share.

Ignatieff throws support behind nuclear power

DECISION 2011: The liberal leader throws his support behind nuclear power, but not coalition.

THE BIG GRAB Part 9: Made-In-Canada Solutions

We end our series with a look at several existing made-in-Canada strategies that will build a prosperous future for us all.

THE BIG GRAB Part 1: Knock, knock. The low-carbon future is here

As ordinary Canadians dig deep to ease their carbon footprint, Alberta's oil-sands pollution wipes out their sacrifice.

Ignatieff says Harper dishes it out but can't take it

DECISION 2011: Liberal leader refuses to back off aggressive health attack on Tories.

Ignatieff tells West Van crowd Liberal government would gather first ministers on health care

Michael Ignatieff is upping the ante on health care, saying a Liberal government would summon Canada's premiers and territorial leaders for a health-care summit meeting within 60 days of taking...

B.C. New Democrats ponder left shift or move to centre in leaders vote

 British Columbia New Democrats are casting their ballots to elect a new leader, who will either shift the traditionally left-wing party into the centre to meet head-on recently elected Premier...

Harper's $139-million HIV project was doomed: Report

Pilot manufacturing plant was never built, "red tape and turf wars" sank project

Ignatieff to Harper: release Afghan torture secrets

He's not trying make an election issue of Afghan prisoners, but he's demanding answers about their possible torture. Now.

Excluded from official debates, Green Party leader Elizabeth May gets her televised bout

She's been excluded from the federal election debates, but Green Party leader Elizabeth May is still going to have her say. Channel Zero, an independent Canadian broadcaster, gave May and all...