Stephen Harper

Layton dismisses report of massage clinic visit as a smear campaign

DECISION 2011: Jack Layton puts on a brave face amid allegations that he visited an illicit massage parlour 15 years ago.

Harper hopes to ride wave of fear over NDP to Conservative majority

DECISION 2011: Jack Layton would make an economic mess of Canada, Tory leader argues.

Vancouver artists launch whip-smart campaign to stop Stephen Harper

DECISION 2011: Another humorous Vancouver election campaign hopes to turn the vote against the Conservatives.

Confident Layton tours Tory ridings in B.C. as orange tide rolls on

DECISION 2011: Opposition barbs grow sharper as NDP advance continues.

Make pay equity an election issue

DECISION 2011: Author Linda McQuaig urges voters to keep social justice at the top of their political agendas.

Strategic voting in B.C. ridings “crucial” for outcome of federal election

DECISION 2011: Anti-Conservative group promotes strategic voting to prevent a Tory majority -- even if it means voters have to hold their noses.

THE BIG GRAB Part 8: Scoring Own Goals

While most Canadians get serious about cutting climate pollution, our dirtiest province is cranking up pollution so fast that they're wiping out our gains.

Conservatives have a lock on Calgary ... for now

DECISION 2011: Alberta has become the most urbanized province in Canada, and that means change is coming in its political future.

THE BIG GRAB Part 7: Silence of the Plans

The Harper government has pledged to cut climate pollution. But its plan only covers 13 per cent of the required cuts -- and oil sands pollution will more than wipe out even that gain.

Ignatieff urges Canadians to vote for the centre. His Liberal centre.

'Big red tent' represents what Canadians want most, he says: a compassionate, progressive, responsible middle ground.