Stephen Colbert

Brolin in Community, Hind in Game of Thrones and more awesome casting

Each year around this time, networks announce some of their most high-profile castings. This year, they’re spoiling us. Below is a run-down of some highlights which ought to be especially exciting to...

CBC's Mark Forsythe Asks Me Why I Love Vancouver and Why Canadians Love Stephen Colbert

An interview with CBC's Mark Forsythe about my book, "Why I Love Vancouver," leads me to examine unexpected questions and to try not to sound like just another "ice-hole."

A Cynical Elitist’s Big Olympic Weekend Out

During my big Olympic weekend out, I came across some truly Canadian moments.

Stephen Colbert Offers to Re-Seed the "Canadian Swamp"

Vancouver Park Board Chair Aaron Jasper had the opportunity to meet Stephen Colbert after he finished taping his TV show on Thursday. He told Comimissioner Jasper that he is...

If the Crowd Asked for it, Colbert Did It

It was the second day of filming for the Colbert Report in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics. Stephen Colbert whipped through interviews with Ujjal Dosanjh, US freestyle ariael skiers, Ryan St. Onge

Late Night Fight North of the Border?

When the Vancouver Olympics end on February 28, the late-night talk show landscape will be forever changed – or exactly the way it was ten months ago. The fates of Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien remain...

Dear Stephen Colbert

Dear Stephen Colbert: We are concerned about your plans to attempt to enter Canada after calling us "syrup-suckers" and "ice-holes" on your show. Are you aware of what befell your friend, Amy Goodman,

Olympian Inability to Bypass the H1N1 Line-Ups, Colbert's Catfight with VANOC: VO's Daily Olympic Roundup

The latest Olympic news links to our favourite headlines: Canada's Olympians tight for time to get H1N1 shotRead More Colbert's attack on Olympic ice access brushed off Read More Watch Video Foster...