Stanley Park

Cetaceans in captivity: an SFU researcher may have a solution

Virtual belugas like these may one day replace captive belugas at the Vancouver Aquarium, according to an SFU researcher.

Xwayxway (Not Stanley Park)

On 30 June, I was fortunate enough to be at the official opening ceremonies for Klahowya Village in Stanley Park. The village, located near Malkin Bowl, features an interpretation centre, a re-skinned

Xwayxway? Xway not?

Stockwell Day, Federal Minister in charge of Parks, recently quashed an attempt to rename Stanley Park to the aboriginal name “Xway xway” (pronownced qwai-qway).

Stanley Park body identified

A body discovered at the entrance to Stanley Park earlier today has been identified as missing 52 year old Terri Gable who was last seen on June 17th in the area of W. Georgia and...

Body discovered in Stanley Park

 Vancouver Police are investigating the discovery of a body found in Stanley Park. Police got the call just after 9:30 a.m. and have cordoned off the area.   Police say, "it is still...

Colourful and culturally rich Sawan Mela Festival comes to Stanley Park this weekend

The 8th Annual Sawan Mela Festival is taking place this weekend at Stanley Park's Lumberman Arch on Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13. A free event that features live performances, and a Bollywood m

Body of Andrew Koenig Identified

Actor Walter Koenig, best known for his role as Chekov in the original Star Trek series, in an emotional press conference following the apparent suicide of his son, Andrew.

What Do an Ipod and a Federal Stimulus Dollar Have in Common? More Than You Might Think...

Deputy Mayor George Chow took the microphone. He proceeded to thank the “grandparents” for their Christmas gifts. Minister Day looked a little puzzled so Chow clarified by saying that the relationship

Grey Day

Walking around Stanley Park on a grey day. The sulfur pile seems to stand out even more on such a monochromatic background.