Stanley Cup

Breakdown in authority: photos of Vancouver Stanley Cup riots

More dramatic photos of the Vancouver Canucks riot by Matthew Zylstra Sawatzky.

Canucks fans "humiliated" over Stanley Cup riot

Fans are left ashamed and embarrassed over the chaos that ensued after the Stanley Cup final.

Photos: Vancouver descends into riot chaos after Stanley Cup loss

It was a side of Vancouver that many had not seen before: Canucks fans smashed and burned cars on the streets and parking lots in downtown Vancouver. Rioters were laughing and cheering, getting their...

Canucks fans hopeful for Cup despite loss to Bruins

"It's okay that they lost -- that means Vancouver will win at home at Game 7," a young female Canucks fan shrugged, forcing a smile after the team's resounding 5-2 defeat against the Bruins in Boston...

What the Stanley Cup means to Vancouver

With the Canucks one win away from the Stanley Cup, I try to explain that a championship would mean a deliverance from the heartbreak of history for Vancouver.

Tableau Bar Bistro scores with its Canucks-themed food specials

Canucks fever is at an all time high and Vancouverite foodies can't resist the Canucks themed food specials all around town. Last night, I enjoyed the Kesler Combo: a delicious jambon, champignon and...

Four reasons the Canucks will bounce back to win Game 4

After an 8-1 thumping Monday night, the party around Vancouver feels like it's been crashed. Here are four reasons why the Canucks are still in good shape heading into game 4.

VPD's Stanley Cup Game 3 recap

Vancouver Police are reporting that about 35,000 people came downtown last night to take in Game 3. With less people than games 1 and 2 and a Canucks loss to send people home early, the streets were...

Stephen Harper names his cuddly cat

Cuddly cat photos may just be the secret weapon to win friends and influence people -- at least that's what Stephen Harper's latest Facebook page seems to suggest. "We have a new family member,...

Harmony in hockey and your life: your numerology cycles for June 1–15

Hockey season lingers, and lingers and lingers. Not that I’m complaining—radio and television stations, and newspapers are drawn to psychic numerologists, or perhaps psychics and numerologists, like...