Stanley Cup

B.C. Lions named Canadian Press team of the year

Sports editors and broadcasters across Canada voted for the BC Lions as 2011 team of the year, ahead of the Vancouver Canucks.

NHL kick off - Western Conference preview

Canucks' captain Henrik Sedin poses with the Clarence Campbell Bowl after winning the Western Conference last season.

More Stanley Cup rioters turning themselves in, police say

Website featuring photos of rioters is helping identify them -- and tweak their consciences.

All eyes on today's report on Stanley Cup riots

Lessons expected to be learned this time around -- and police communications may be one of them.

No comparison between Stanley Cup and London riots, say Vancouver police

London has more police and a speedier justice system, say defensive local officers.

Moments leading to Vancouver riot kiss caught on video

A new video posted on YouTube further unveils the mystery surrounding the now-famous riot kiss photograph taken during the Stanley Cup riots.  Just last week the identities of the young couple...

Vancouver riots: a new Canadian’s hockey initiation

Somehow I thought coming to terms with the monarchy was my final stumbling block to becoming a Canadian. I’d forgotten all about hockey.

Not your mother's brand of anarchist

“Water polo player suspended, accused of rioting in Vancouver” I read the The Canadian Press headline, June 18, 2011. Then I heard Mike Smyth get all class “warfare”ish on the radio the day...

Real hockey fans didn’t riot, say Canucks

After the storm had settled, the Canucks spoke publicly about the Stanley Cup riots that occurred after losing game seven to the Boston Bruins.

Kissing couple in Vancouver hockey riots identities revealed

In the aftermath of the Vancouver riots, a photograph of a young couple kissing amongst the chaos of hooligans and riot police received world-wide attention as a result of social media. The mystery...