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Social Media

Social Media and “The Great Turning”: Affirmation of Full-Potential Life

Through social media, ordinary people are interconnecting and working together to support, include, collaborate, and realize everyone’s full potential as interactive “information gatherers and...

Social Media and "The Great Turning"

Twitter processes more than one billion tweets a month. It has over 50 million tweets per day and 600 tweets a second. Twitter does not report its user numbers but Twitter has grown by 1500% in the...

Looking for a Cool Canada Lovefest? Watch Hockey or Closing Ceremonies for Free at Rio Theatre Tonight

Watching hockey at the RIO Theatre off Commercial Drive was a fun and free alternative to going to a pub.

W2 Culture + Media House Holds Conference on Olympics and Social Media

Exciting, inspiring, and educational conference on the Olympics and Social media. The keynote speech by Andy Miah provided a very informing presentation on the historical growth of the Olympics from a

Creating the People's History of 2010: Accredit Yourself and Start Reporting, Partying, and Schmoozing with the World

Interested in crowd-sourced media's role in the Olympics? This dossier contains the evolving history of grassroots coverage from past Olympics plus tips and tactics for documenting civics, arts and sp

Why We Can't Be Friends

Sorry, if you're not my real-life friend, you can't be my Facebook friend.

Why Tweet? I'll Tell You How to Make Use of This Fun and Powerful Tool

When Twitter started out, even geeks didn't know what to do with it. When I first tried using it in January 2007, I didn't see the point. Then came the SXSW music, film, and interactive festival and

Not Waving But Drowning

A woman tweets while her son drowns in a swimming pool, but I'm not going to judge her.