Small business

Vanishing Vanhattan: Which candidates have the right ideas when it comes to our local economy and small businesses?

Retail gentrification is causing tension and concern in Vancouver's communities as development continues to displace local serving, locally owned, independent businesses. What can the City do?

The Sweet Tooth Cakery dishes up gluten free treats

Looking for a gluten free wedding cake? Look no further. The Sweet Tooth Cakery fulfills most specialty cake requests.

Vancouver's Board of Trade Co. brings high-end fashion to Chinatown

Meters away from the site of a restaurant where a young Jimi Hendrix developed his love for the guitar, you can find Eunice Quan and David Lim expressing their love of fashion at The Board of...

Message to Stephen Harper: 10 step job creation plan

  Stephen Harper should get serious about job creation.  Below are ten proposals to get Canadians working again.    Abolish taxes on new small businesses during the first five...

Forget Flowers: Nothing says LOVE like Chef Kev’s Creations

It’s the time of year when singles cower and smug marrieds call in the “get out of jail free” card known as the babysitter; and when candy hearts and Hershey’s kisses are ingested in alarming proporti

Inside the Chocolate Factory in Time for Valentine's Day

“I can’t believe it,” says Glenn Knowles. “That I’ve turned into a chocolatier after 20 years working in finance. I believe it because I can see it. I’m just awestruck that I’m turning out beautiful c

Changing Locations Puts Stress on Small Business Owners Who Are Going it Alone

It sure ain't easy moving a furniture store when you've got a broken knee and you have to do it on your own. Keep your cool and maybe it'll work out.

Tips to Protect Your Business Against Disaster

With recent fires destroying buildings on Main and Broadway and Kingsway and Broadway, local small business owners are thinking twice about how to protect themselves. It’s not only the loss of your...

Open for Business

I started my current company, Devil May Wear  at the extremely young age of 17 thinking, "This will be easy. I’ve worked for small businesses and I’ve made clothing my whole life. Becoming a...