Homelessness in Vancouver: City staff break down the numbers

Vancouver municipal election 2011: The City's Assistant Director for Housing Policy, Abi Bond, gives some insight on homeless numbers floating around this election.

Poverty costs Canada a needless $25 billion a year

National Council of Welfare urges Tories to take a long-term "investment'' approach to preventing poverty, rather than a short-term program spending approach.

New investment in permanent housing moves city much closer to goal of ending street homelessness, says Mayor

Mayor Robertson welcomed today’s announcement from Premier Campbell and Minister Rich Coleman of $225 million in new money for social housing in Vancouver, calling it a major step towards...

Listening to young people can change the world and Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth is listening

Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth recently passed a motion that will allow youth to be involved in the process of developing parks. Blyth is an innovative leader in the field of youth...

Janice Abbott of Atira Empowers Women in Remarkable Ways

Janet Abbott has made a career of helping women become more empowered. Women who've suffered the worse kinds of abuse. Atira is the result.