Tina Fey goes to war; Judy Hopps goes to Zootopia and cultures clash in the Amazon

Also a Norwegian disaster movie, The Wave, machine gun attacks in London Has Fallen and a killer barber in The Legend of Barney Thompson

B.C. politicians assaulted decades earlier demand end of rape culture

VANCOUVER — Margo Wagner and Joan Sorley had been friends for years before they realized they'd both been raped. The British Columbia politicians were drawn to each other, among the few women on the...
Shauna Hunt, sexism, sexual harassment

Dudebro fired

For decades, women have fought for workplace equality, on and off the air. Things have come a long way, baby, but still there’s miles to go. CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt is getting kudos and...
The Fox and the Grapes

Don't call Vancouver a bitch

If you describe the city as a stuck-up woman, you're being a sexist dude.

Sexist bias. Women still being shut out of media: report

A new report by the The Women’s Media Center shows that women are still marginalized in the media, and that the gender gap shows no signs of closing.