Canada to reject Kyoto Protocol extension

Conservatives make their position clear on Kyoto: no commitment from Canada.

Canadian collapse

Canada scores a big "oh, no!" at World Juniors Hockey in gold medal game against Russia.

John Vaillant reads from The Tiger tonight at Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival

John Vaillant's new book hit the stores two weeks ago and is already a best-seller.  I had a chance to talk with the Vancouver-based author of The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and...

Canada: a great power?

Could Canada become a great power? Ask this question to most Canadians and you will probably be rebuked with an emphatic no, or polite chuckles. It is a question, however, that Canadians and...

Canucks sign defencemen Yann Sauve, Lee Sweatt, and Chris Tanev

Mike Gillis adds three d-men to the system.

From Russia with love: raw food diet and insights on surviving revolutionary change with a garden

There are many lessons, in what happened in Russia, for us here in Canada.

From Russia With Love

Ready for Sochi 2014? Russia’s celebrated viola virtuoso and prima ballerina give audiences a sneak peek

"Nothing Good" Coming Down In Republic of Georgia

Is it another oil grab? Is it the beginning of World War III, timed to make sure Republicans win the American presidential race? I wondered as I read "1500 killed in Georgia," the headline on www....