Yaletown Patio

Make Vancouver more fun: end the 11pm patio ban

The question of patio hours ultimately comes down to the vision Vancouverites have for Vancouver.

Kissing couple in Vancouver hockey riots identities revealed

In the aftermath of the Vancouver riots, a photograph of a young couple kissing amongst the chaos of hooligans and riot police received world-wide attention as a result of social media. The mystery...

Rioting in Vancouver: photos

Vancouver's downtown area turns into riot zone as hoodlums and intoxicated fans set cars on fire and smash windows after Game 7 loss to Boston Bruins.

Stanley Cup Canucks win will be bigger than Olympic gold medal win, fans say

As Vancouver gears for Game 7 in the Stanley Cup playoffs, fans say a Canucks win at Rogers Arena tonight will  lead to celebrations larger than those of the 2010 Olympics. Victory feels so...

Vancouver preps for game five in Stanley Cup Final

Tonight's Stanley Cup Game 5 crowds in the streets of Vancouver are expected to be the biggest yet. In anticipation of the Canucks-Bruins show down, Georgia Street will be closing at noon. Three...