Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron and five DOXA documentaries

 Only two films in history have been bigger money makers than The Avengers. Now, here’s the follow up. How does it match up? If it’s reality you’re after, check out the documentaries at DOXA....

All eyes on today's report on Stanley Cup riots

Lessons expected to be learned this time around -- and police communications may be one of them.

UK riot arrests top 1,700 as talk turns to muzzling social media

Courts open through the night, police flood streets as weekend looms.

Canada's RIM dragged into U.K. headlines by rioters' use of BlackBerry Messenger

Bad publicity isn't the only problem: Company needs a credible privacy policy. And fast.

London riots bring back memories of disenfranchised British youth

What is happening on the streets looks more like a ‘Revenge of the Council Estates’ zombie flick than a Public Enemy inspired ‘Fight the Power’ protest.

Granville bar and liquor store owners reflect on role of alcohol during Vancouver riots

While the alcohol stores closed their doors early, bars remained opened. "It was our busiest day of the year. It was bonkers," says Paul Hickey, bartender at Jimmys Tap House.

Vancouver riots: an assault on Vancouver values

We first noticed a few puffs of light-coloured smoke billowing gently up into the blue night sky a few blocks away from our home. "That's near the post office," I said to Tom, my spouse. Then the...

Riots cause millions of dollars in damage to businesses downtown

Vancouver businesses are surveying millions of dollars in damage inflicted by rioters after last night's post hockey-game mayhem in the city's downtown. Wynne Powell, CEO of the London Drugs chain of...

Photos: Vancouver descends into riot chaos after Stanley Cup loss

It was a side of Vancouver that many had not seen before: Canucks fans smashed and burned cars on the streets and parking lots in downtown Vancouver. Rioters were laughing and cheering, getting their...

Who pays for Vancouver's hockey riot damage?

On Wednesday night when the Canucks lost in game seven of the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins it was reminiscent of their 1994 defeat in game seven to the New York Rangers. The disappointing game...