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Unhealthy relationships are in!

So many misogynistic little bubbles that the modern world has failed to pop

Attachment or authenticity: which would you choose?

When you accept your real self, does the need for addictions and dependency disappear?

Is he on the naughty or nice list?

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Relationship choice points

Have you ever felt the temptation to not deal with things? I find that it’s especially tempting to not deal with issues in relationships when they come up – especially the ones where I feel shamed...

The dangers of "keeping it vague"

There are two reasons why people choose to keep their relationships "vague". In the first instance, that decision is made to benefit the self. Keeping things vague is a way to keep as many doors...

Commitment is contentment

Commitment is a word with so many different dimensions. I think people spend too much time asking to have it, and not enough time thinking about what it actually entails. I was speaking to a...

When Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong

I’ve had an interesting start to 2011. In the last month, I’ve had three male friends tell me that they are not ready to settle down until they are in their late 30's. They have all the qualities to...

Seed, Feed, Weed, Lead - an approach to cultivate creativity, vitality, and resilience in your company

If you want to develop a creative team that is going to adapt and really make things happen, then try Seed, Feed, Weed, Lead as an approach.  With Seed, Feed, Weed, Lead, the leader remains...

Since feeling is first

Canadians often put me in mind of Dorothy Parker’s quip about Katherine Hepburn, who, she once said, “ran the gamut of emotions from A to B.” Some weeks ago, at dinner with my friend Hal, he said he...