Refugees and immigration

Police hunt for man suspected of pepper-spraying crowd outside Muslim Centre

Police continue to search for a suspect who pepper sprayed a crowd. A toddler had to be taken away in an ambulance and others were left vomiting in aftermath of suspected hate crime.

'This isn't who we are': Trudeau condemns pepper spraying of Syrian refugees

Police say a man wearing a white hoodie apparently rode by on a bicycle and sprayed 15 to 30 people at refugee welcome night.

Federal Court opens door for former KGB employee to rejoin family in Canada

Mikhail Lennikov voluntarily left six years of church sanctuary in Vancouver just months before a Federal Court overturned his failed application for permanent residence.

Dead Syrian boy's aunt reflects on family's journey, world's refugee response

Alan Kurdi's death thrust his aunt Tima into the international spotlight as a spokeswoman for the refugees' plight.

Salvadoran father linked to revolutionaries free to leave B.C. church sanctuary

Jose Figueroa has been granted an exemption to remain in Canada by Immigration Minister John McCallum as a permanent resident.

Refugee in youth detention sues B.C. government for alleged solitary confinement

Refugee's lawyer said client's "unacceptable" punishment was meted out after the young man assaulted a staff worker.

Mayor Robertson welcomes refugees with open arms

Canada's warm welcome to refugees stands in stark contrast to Republican xenophobia south of the border.

Alan Kurdi's aunt says changes to refugee rules too late to save her nephews

Canadian government officials have invited Tima Kurdi to make another refugee application for one of her brothers and his family.

B.C. wife, husband "stuck" after IRA-related refugee claim turned down

British ex-soldier is main caregiver for his disabled wife and cannot afford a plane ticket home - but Elizabeth May has stepped in to figh their corner.

Municipal federation creates task force to respond to Syrian refugee crisis

OTTAWA — The mayor of Halifax and a city councillor from Vancouver will lead a task force set up by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to develop a response to the humanitarian crisis facing...