Queen Elizabeth

Films with a pre-Rebel James Dean, Tom Hardy as twin gangsters and a future queen at play

Also corruption in Russia, resisting oppression in Iran and new movies from Europe and Vancouver

Bill Maher Does Best Impression of Angry White Man

Bill Maher plays himself to a T.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee: perspectives from Canadian expatriates

On her diamond jubilee, will Canadian expatriates in London be toasting the queen, or are they not bothered by the whole affair?

Prince Charles and Camilla pack for Canada

Canada gets the old folks; Wills and Kate to go tropical for the Jubilee.

Stephen Harper's Durban

"Stephen Harper don't care."

British government pushes royal grrrrl power

Ancient rules of succession may give way to equal rights for royal daughters.

Royal wedding rehearsal: Prince William and Catherine Middleton in the house of love

The royal family's rehearsal for the royal wedding has been leaked to the Vancouver Observer by YouTube.  Regarding Prince William, Catherine Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and...

Eddie Izzard rocks the Queen

Humour is an extraordinary gift. Funny, we could change the world with that.