New Democrats MPs unanimous in backing Turmel as interim leader

Rookie Quebec MP, longtime labour leader approved by caucus; final decision goes to party's national council.

Feds refuse to give cash or data to future provincial gun registries

BC silent on whether it might follow Quebec's lead in investigating a registry of its own.

Oh Canada! Kate wows 'em in designs by Quebec-born Erdem

Wrongly predicted to be designer for royal wedding gown, London-based designer has still clearly won the newlywed's heart

The royal newlyweds' tour prompts memories of Charles and Diana

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Canadian tour invokes memories of when another prince brought his young bride to this country.

Beaming Harper greets caucus, but can internal wrangles be far off?

OTTAWA -- A healthy dose of post-election gloating, an injection of Canucks fever, and perhaps delirium from the lack of air conditioning on Parliament Hill made Wednesday's Conservative caucus...

Quebec parliamentarian calls visiting royals parasites; apology demanded

QUEBEC -- The Quebec government demanded an apology from a legislator who compared the Royal Family to parasites and circus performers but he didn't appear to be backing down Tuesday. The remarks...

NDP's Layton tours Quebec flood region

ILE AUX NOIX, Que. -- With cane in hand and sporting a pair of thigh-high boots, Jack Layton treaded into Quebec's flood waters and into the controversy over Ottawa's performance throughout the...

Layton promises to maintain Quebec Commons standings and defend French language

MONTREAL -- NDP Leader Jack Layton says he won't let down his new supporters in Quebec and will propose practical measures defending the language and culture of Quebecers. He says the NDP will start...

THE BIG GRAB Part 8: Scoring Own Goals

While most Canadians get serious about cutting climate pollution, our dirtiest province is cranking up pollution so fast that they're wiping out our gains.

THE BIG GRAB Part 6: Falling Behind

Canada has fallen steadily behind the U.S. and other countries in maximizing wealth per tonne of climate pollution. That's putting our future prosperity -- and costs -- on the line.