Photo of tree tree pest killing forests

Climate change devouring forest at alarming rate

A forest pest is doubling in size each year, expanding beyond its historic range and threatening to spread across the vast boreal forest, but it’s not the British Columbia mountain pine beetle.

When will Big Telecom face the facts?

Big Telecom’s supporters claim that more choice and customer-friendly rules wouldn’t help Canada’s broken cell phone market, but we explain why this is exactly what is needed.

Without Jack Layton, "NDP in freefall in Quebec"

"Le bon Jack" gone, heat on leadership contenders to deliver Quebec.

Asbestos torches legendary Tory solidarity

More and more MPs uneasy with Harper's decision to continue exporting asbestos. And they don't mind letting the world know.

An indivisible Quebec and Canada

If the federal NDP expects to form the next government, it needs to clarify its position on Quebec sovereignty.  The clarity act provides some guidance but leaves a lot of loopholes, such as the...

Poutine Festival celebrates Quebec's famous culinary delight

If you love poutine then you won't want to miss le Festival de la poutine de Vancouver on November 19.

Serial killer Clifford Olson nearly dead of cancer

Relieved families of his victims say they've been advised the 71-year-old mass murderer has only days left.

100 jobs lost as Burnaby mill closes

Cascades cites strong dollar, labour and recycling costs as it shuts containerboard site.

Remembering 9/11

Mostly I was following my intuition here. Fear did not seem to play any part in this. At least not consciously.

Layton's death leaves NDP caucus in Quebec a 'bit orphaned'

His personality -- and his reputation for being a "bon gars'' -- was largely credited for a stunning NDP surge that saw the party win 59 of Quebec's 75 seats in last May's election.