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Premier Gordon Campbell

England's "expensive gas" saves money

The British, French and Germans tax their gasoline 80 cents more per litre than we do. Are they crazy?

Vancouver riot review: John Furlong's balancing act

The following piece was first published on August 2. The Stanley Cup riot review, which will be released today, is co-chaired by John Furlong. On the surface, no one seemed to bat an eye when former...

Paragon of haste

“Stop the expansion of gambling that has increased gambling addiction and put new strains on families,” promised the BC Liberals during the 2001 elections.

  A decade after the BC Liberals took...

New Edgewater casino at BC Place will double gambling in city. Does this have to happen?

About that casino planned for BC Place the government told us about in March...

Fraser Institute gets defensive

Last November, the keynote speaker at the sold out annual gala for the Fraser Institute in Vancouver was Premier Gordon Campbell. Campbell's presence at the expensive event was remarked upon by those...

Pixar opens Canadian studio in Vancouver

Pixar opened a studio in Gastown yesterday. In the video below,  Premier Gordon Campbell gets very excited about it...names "thousands and thousands of talented people" in Vancouver who will...

Mittens, Schwarzenneger, Protests, and People: A Look at Vancouver During the First Week of the 2010 Olympic Games

The visuals in and around the Olympics have been great. Here's a selection of images.

Bilodeau, Ricker, BC Oysters and More Make BC Media Centre a Compelling Narrative for International Journalists

News alerts throughout the day, well orchestrated press conferences, and events designed to showcase the province to a willing audience of writers from around the world are all part of a day in the li

VANOC Credited with Late Arrivals of Premier, Mayor and Four Host First Nations Leaders at Opening Ceremony

 A VANOC bus carrying the city and province's leading dignitaries arrived nearly a half an hour late to BC Place and the result was that the premier, the mayor and the leaders of the four host...

BC Premier Gordon Campbell Seeks to Put "Good Foot" Forward Before Attempting Backward Somersault on Robson Square Zipline

Premier Campbell took one step forward. Then he told the Ecotours crew in charge of the event to “hang on one sec” so he could find his “good foot." Five minutes later, he let go and zipped across Zi