Security Fences Come Down

The southwest corner of Trout Lake park has been inaccessible since before the Olympics. Now the big security fence is down and it looks so good. The kids and dogs can run past the new ice rink – into our park, where people enjoy their picnics, and bands jam and joggers circle the lake on their path.

This morning I was driving in my car listening to CBC radio. I heard an interview with a business owner in the downtown area. He was talking about the clean-up he had to do behind his shop. He was too polite to say it on the radio but it was pretty clear he was talking about pee! He said he wished the city had put up more porta-potties. Enough said. Poor guy. He said the clean up guy had arrived but hadn’t had a chance to deal with it.

Imagine how much pee went into the streets of our city last night. Factor in the amount of beer and other alcohol consumed. How hung-over are people today? (I’m not. I stayed home and listened to the craziness passing on the streets outside.)

But now things are quiet, and all around downtown clean up crews are mopping up pee. Let’s tip our hats to them!

What about traffic? Road closures? And wait times at the airport? When will Vancouver be “back to normal”? Will it be, as some have said, a “new normal”? Will the zipline remain? What’s gonna happen?

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