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Male fin whale spotted dead in Vancouver's Burrard Inlet towed off for necropsy

VANCOUVER — A dead whale that came into Vancouver's harbour on the bow of a cruise ship is believed to be a 15-to-20-metre male fin whale. It's not known if the whale was dead or alive when it was...

Texada Island residents outraged over 20-fold coal export expansion without consultation

Independent lab tests reveal high levels of arsenic in coal found on the beach.
Rising Tide at Port Metro Vancouver offices

Coal protest at Port of Vancouver offices gets ugly

Things turned violent when a  handful of members of environmental activist group Rising Tide  arrived at Canada Place this morning dressed as Santa  and walked into Port of...

Why did union reps mislead the public in their controversial op-ed on the Fraser Surrey Docks coal terminal proposal?

China doesn't see a future in coal generated electricity and this is reshaping the global market.

Ontario cuts coal, while BC looks for more

It may be the industrial heartland of Canada, but Ontario took a major step forward this week by announcing all its coal fired generating plants would shut down, while in ‘super natural” BC the...

Port Metro Vancouver’s two faces: independent decision maker that supports coal lobbyists

The Port of Metro Vancouver belongs to the Coal Association of Canada and, through the Gateway Council, to the Coal Alliance.

Battle over coal heats up in Metro Vancouver

Maureen Coroliuc has firsthand experience of the impact uncovered coal trains rumbling past her White Rock tea shop can have. “It’s a dark black dust. Dust is usually brown. Ours is black, a dirty,...

Vancouver youth rally against coal port expansions

On Thursday February 7, youth from around Vancouver will march to the offices of Port Metro Vancouver to say no to increased coal exports. The young protestors are going in person to protest the...

Port Metro Vancouver criticized for "inadequate" response to challenges over coal export proposals

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's response yesterday to the open letter from climate scientists and others delivered on November 27 got a scathing response from climate advocates, who called the...