Porn cinema celebrates corybantic double release

Apart from the Holy Family, very little good art has come of virginity—it's the seedy stuff that we like best—so what could be better than an intimate solo piano recital in a converted porn cinema?

How should we regulate sex work in Canada?

Earlier this week the BC Supreme Court ruled that former sex worker Sheryl Kiselbach and the Downtown Eastside Sex Workers United Against Violence can challenge Canadian prostitution laws. This comes...

The Conservatives don't have this one

I urge everyone who’s reading this to contact Rob Nicholson and include a link or two about this Robert Pickton fellow and the zany case of how he got away with murder for so long.

Teenage Paparazzo, The Last Exorcism, Lebanon and Hugh Hefner, Playboy Activist and Rebel

What’s a 13-year-old boy doing out late at night chasing celebrities? An entertaining new documentary explores that and other aspects of today’s celebrity mania. (Read more)