Plaza of Nations

A lesson in Cuban dance

Shimmy and shake for Sawan Mela: The South Asian Family Association's 10th annual music festival

The South Asian Family Association hosted its 10th annual cross-cultural music festival, Sawan Mela, at the Plaza of Nations on August 17 and 18, 2012.

Provincial-backed casino requires City approval, but can City say no?

The proposed expansion of Edgewater Casino at BC Place requires Vancouver city council approval. Public hearings are slated for mid-December.

Vancouver to have one last chance to weigh in on proposal for BC's largest casino

The new casino will more than triple the number of slot machines - from 493 to 1, 500 - and include an additional 150 table games. Two hotels, with a total of 620 rooms, are also expected to be includ

Arts Summit takes on urban planning

Vancouver has a long tradition of including arts spaces in re-developments.