Pivot Legal Society

Vancouver Sex Workers Gather to Mourn Violence and Build Solidarity

Vancouver Sex Workers Gather to Mourn Violence and Build Solidarity on Dec. 17

This annual event comes just 11 days after Canada’s new prostitution law, the misnamed Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, came into force.

Vancouver sex workers release “Know Your Rights” Card

“POLICE SHOULD NOT harass, target, arrest or intimidate you for doing sex work," reads the newly released rights card.

Homeless in Vancouver: Pivot challenges city bylaws in provincial court

On Thursday, November 22, 2012, which is National Housing Day across Canada, Pivot Legal Society is filing a lawsuit in the British Columbia Supreme Court on behalf of the homeless, the group...

Social housing residents at Olympic Village demand help with utility bills

Hidden cost for "green" units will force them back onto streets, some say.

Another group pulls the plug on B.C.'s missing women inquiry

Pivot Legal Society joins six other groups in saying lack of legal aid unevens the field for groups representing sex workers and aboriginals.

Lawyers, doctors and addicts at public forum urge Vancouver to save Insite

"I believe this is an issue coming about our collective humanity," Portland Hotel Society director Liz Evans said at a public forum last night about Insite, the safe injection site that serves...

Sex trade workers can challenge prostitution laws, B.C. court rules

A decision was made this morning by the BC Court of Appeal to allow a group of sex workers to challenge Canada's laws on prostitution. Sheryl Kiselbach, former sex worker and plaintiff, and Katrina...

Mamma Mia!, Agnite, The Coup, and the WorldCup Finals

Boy this week and hopefully weekend will be sunny and hot. Which means there will be a lot of fun outdoor activities planned. But Wait! The Masala Man will be on a meditative retreat July 10th to...

Marc Emery deported

Marc Emery was deported today to a maximum security prison in the United States. He sold pot seeds to willing American buyers. Not secretly mind you, but openly, paying his taxes to the feds...

Tactics for Democratizing Media During the Olympics and Beyond

  Hendrik Beune walks into the cafeteria at the Carnegie Centre in Vancouver, scratches his cell phone number on his business card and passes it over to me. The back of the card has an imprint...