Solitary artist Wayne Ngan

He repeatedly said that what was most important to him was to explore his potential as an artist for the time left for him in this world, which he assumed would be about ten years.

Dan Mangan returns to the UK

This week sees the return of Dan Mangan to the British shores. It was only a few months ago when Dan was here spending the warm, British summer nights performing in Glastonbury fields and celebrating...

Flow, a Vancouver public art piece, is named one of best in North America

Flow, a photo/media-based permanent piece installed at the new Mount Pleasant Community Centre, has been named one of the best public artworks in North America.

Photos in smokey evening light

Smoke from fires in the interior billowed up into Desolation Sound and the inlet in front of the Cove Restaurant on Cortes Island creating an eerie, beautiful backdrop for photographs. I took advanta

Downtown South community captures 2010 Winter Games images

  Many of the images we have of the 2010 Winter Games were captured by professional photographers. People living in Vancouver’s lower income inner city communities, however, recorded a very...

Fierce Fred Herzog

Life is short, but art is long.

World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

With the world moving at an ever-quickening pace, it is very important to document the change process as it is happening. Static Photography has had the opportunity to be at some of...

Arrest Outside North Van Chlorine Facility Highlights Concerns About Dangerous Transports Through Greater Vancouver

Kent Lins took his camera and got into into his car.   Lins's goal was to find out if Canexus Chemical Plant had halted the transport of chlorine, a deadly chemical, during the Vancouver...

The Intriguing Nick Bantock

He looked as if he had just stepped out from an El Greco painting and put on modern clothes.