Peter Armstrong

The Rocky Mountaineer lockout continues: photos

Now in its seventh month, the lockout at Rocky Mountaineer continues with little sign of future negotiations.

Rob Macdonald explainer

The NPA's fundraising campaign manager, developer Rob Macdonald, has been essential to the party's financial success this election. Here's a backgrounder on Macdonald and his role in civic affairs.

Suzanne Anton explainer

Background information on NPA mayoral candidate Suzanne Anton and her position on key issues in this election.

Rocky Mountaineer lockout veers off tracks

Judge slaps union, politicians blast owner, replacement hire whacks passenger.

Vancouver riot review: John Furlong's balancing act

The following piece was first published on August 2. The Stanley Cup riot review, which will be released today, is co-chaired by John Furlong. On the surface, no one seemed to bat an eye when former...

Rocky Mountaineer employees picket naked: photos

Locked out Rocky Mountaineer employees staged a "Naked Truth" protest outside of the company's office on Terminal Avenue this afternoon. Cars honked loudly as they passed by employees clothed in...

Rocky Mountaineer lockout: client angered over bad service

Following the Vancouver Observer's coverage of the Rocky Mountaineer lockout, several disgruntled clients have shared their stories about their experience riding the train since the lockout began in...

Gordon Campbell lives on in the 'new' NPA

If you thought the NPA’s reputation as a Gordon Campbell farm team ended when the BC Liberals quietly shuffled Campbell off to Harperland, you thought wrong. In fact, it seems to be just the opposite.

Rocky Mountaineer locks out employees

Rocky Mountaineer, the luxury rail tour company that operates in B.C. and Alberta, has locked out its on-board service staff and replaced them with senior staff and temporary workers. It’s a move...