Wake up to your wasteful water use, Vancouver — expert

Serious water restrictions may seem like a freak occurrence but it's time to get used to turning off the taps.

Kensington Skate Park officially opens Saturday, July 17

The new skate park at Kensington Park will officially open on Saturday, July 17 from 11am to 1pm. The event will include a ribbon cutting, cake, skateboard demonstrations by local skaters and a...

Xwayxway? Xway not?

Stockwell Day, Federal Minister in charge of Parks, recently quashed an attempt to rename Stanley Park to the aboriginal name “Xway xway” (pronownced qwai-qway).

Listening to young people can change the world and Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth is listening

Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth recently passed a motion that will allow youth to be involved in the process of developing parks. Blyth is an innovative leader in the field of youth...

Re-Greening of Hastings Park Grinds to Standstill

How long can Vancouver retain its Number 1 spot as the most liveable city on earth, when its largest park reverts to a year-round trade fair, the author asks.