Open Media

Online spying and copyright bills rebuffed: update along with hundreds of thousands of Canadians have convinced the government to rebuff the worst of Big Media's suggestions for Copyright Bill C-11 (i.e. website blocking) as it makes its...

OpenMedia launches Cell Phone Squeeze campaign

Thousands of people are backing a new campaign to fight the high rates of cell phone companies.

Reporting back from Ottawa: Weekly Update from's Steve Anderson and Reilly Yeo update us on Internet openness and affordability.

Stop the meter on internet usage

Here's how to tell the government that you don't want Telus and Shaw charging internet usage fees. Keep the internet free in Canada. Sign Open Media's petition.

Linda Solomon: Last Year, Next Year

Happy New Year, VO-ers!  As we're sweeping up the glitter, let's raise a final glass to the people who create the Vancouver Observer! Amidst the gang violence and political meltdowns of the last...