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online spying

Spying on you from a billion-dollar palace

CSEC HQ in Ottawa: Your tax dollars at work.

We Must Continue: Weekly News Update from

Hi I'm Lindsey and this is your weekly news update from This week, a CRTC decision brings us a step closer to affordability and Big Telecom transparency. And we have an update about...

Online spying, and where MPs stand on the issue: update from

OpenMedia has just launched a new tool that will let MPs show that they stand with Canada against warrantless online spying, and we're asking Canadians to visit to send a...

Vic Toews protest watched by police at River Rock Casino in B.C.

Public Safety Minister Minister Vic Toews managed to avoid a confrontation with protesters while attending a fundraiser at the River Rock casino in Richmond.  About 40 protesters, many of them...

Hacktivists Anonymous expose Stacey Meek as Vic Toews' mistress

Vic Toews finds his own privacy violated by Anonymous as the hacktivist group ramps up its efforts to fight the "online snooping bill".

#TellVicEverything reveals everything Vic Toews never wished to know about Canadians

In response to the Public Safety Minister's "spying" bill, Canadians have started spamming his twitter feed with irrelevant details of their personal lives.

Why we fight: Weekly update from

This is the Weekly News Update video for Thursday, December 15. This week, we talk about our fundraising drive, the latest news, and our inspiration to continue the fight for an open and...