Asteroid apocalypse tomato soup

If you lose sleep wondering what you will ever do for soup after the end of civilization, worry no more. This soup is a nice, basic recipe that pairs well with any cataclysm.

Vancouver's most terrifying food

Where you can find it, what it tastes like...

The new year’s food begins with soup

Starting out a new year, with all of those grey January mornings, calls for some good old comfort food. And if there is one truly essential variety of comfort food, it’s soup. The foundation of every...

Poker night part 2: ramped-up retro onion dip

I don’t know about you, but I remember a little something once called “California Dip” (or French Onion Dip). Basically, what you did was take a container of sour cream, add a packet of French onion...

Breakfast for the Dynamic Trio of the Long Track

Try this onion jam with eggs or as a condiment.