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Haitian-American Olympic musical performer Daniel Bernard Roumain is the quintessential modern violinist

Daniel Bernard Roumain: An Olympic performer with flair. Think his hair is cool? Wait until you hear DBR play the violin...

On the Second Day of the 2010 Olympic Games, Hundreds Join the March for Missing and Murdered Women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

It was Valentine’s Day and hundreds spent it in the Women’s Memorial March downtown to honour the memory of the women from the Downtown Eastside who die each year due to violent physical, mental,...

Lactate Burn

Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Olympics. The current 2010 Winter Olympics frenzy in Vancouver leads me to reflect on high-level athletic performance, particularly in terms of the physiology of the "la

Celebrating the Unlympics

My first inkling of people carrying on a normal life during the Olympics came with an invitation from my neighbours to join them at their house for an evening of Rummoli. You mean, everyday life conti

What Makes Canada? We Do.

Watch how each and every one of us creates the ephemeral mural that is Vancouver.

Thanks for Nothing, Olympics

 One of these days, and I look forward to it, we're going to think about the fact that the torch relay began as Nazi propoganda. Sure, we have a new line to the airport, and I bet it plays well...

Vancouver's 'Poverty Olympics' Protest Millions Spent On Winter Games

 A crowd yesterday protested the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars on the Olympic Winter Games while still being home to one of the most impoverished communities in Canada. Th "Poverty...

Please Don't Stifle the Australians!

The Australian team, who are now in the Athletes Village, unfurled a flag of a Kangaroo with boxing gloves from their balcony. But it's not an official flag of the Olympics! Team spirit at an...

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Underscore Need for Transit Transformation

Road closures and designated traffic lanes, plus 250,000 Olympics visitors in Vancouver spell massive reshuffling for commuters this month and next. Fifty-thousand motor vehicles cross the Cambie...

Olympic Battle Rattle: The Rules of Engagement Have Already Been Written

The question is not whether opposing elements will meet in the streets. The question is what happens when they do?