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No Snow For Olympics Expected at Key Venues, VANOC Plans to Truck in Snow From Other Locations

It doesn't come as a  surprise to locals that VANOC faces a chilling, but not chilling enough fact: no snow is predicted between now and February 12. Not enough to cover over the muddy sections...

Olympic Shaming 2.0

  When we criticize the city or the Olympics for certain inanities (curtailing of civil liberties, washing away 'graffiti' because city officials don't know what art is, or using military-grade...

Suck on it, Latvia!

Every day there seems to be a new needle in our eye. The latest is the Cypress Moutain closure.  The slopes of Cypress were not meant to be in  Olympic' hands until February 1st.  If...

F as in Frank Vintage Make Fools of Themselves with Racist Display and Then Apologize

In today's highly tolerant world where history of the traumatic actions of our forefathers still casts long dark shadows, it is a fashion faux pas to make racial statements. This is how one man's e-ma

Coming to the Olympics in Vancouver, BC? Bring an Umbrella and Take a Break in the Wilderness

Coming to Vancouver for the 2010 Games? It's gorgeous, you'll love it. But don't forget your umbrella. Story in pictures of a typically wonderful and wet Vancouver day.

Chickens End Vacation Early, Start Coming Home to Roost Before Olympics

Vancouverites who are looking forward to the Olympics haven't been thinking about the coming financial hangover, and there will be one.  Once the fanfare is done, and the Jamaican bobsled team...

VANOC's Special Power: Buzz Kill

Now that it's officially 2010(c)  I asked my landlord to get court-approved proof that I wouldn't be arrested for writing "2010" on my rent cheque. As the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) has...

A Time to Shine

In some cultures being a host is considered a noble honour and a great responsibility. Lets adopt this idea and welcome our guests with warm hearts and a brave spirit. Who knows, maybe 2010 will be t

VANOC's Disgraceful Demand

If only we all acted like sheep, VANOC's promises of blue skies would undoubtedly come true.

Public Library to Close in Whistler During Olympics

Visit the library on any given day, it's filled with hundreds of local residents, seasonal employees, tourists, children and Whistler's homeless folks, reading, checking emails on the free computers,