Olympic Flame

Mittens, Schwarzenneger, Protests, and People: A Look at Vancouver During the First Week of the 2010 Olympic Games

The visuals in and around the Olympics have been great. Here's a selection of images.

Chasing the Olympic Flame Across Vancouver

It was an exhausting - for this reporter at least - run to the east along 12th Avenue, crossing Commercial Drive and Main Street before arriving at City Hall where Mayor Gregor Robertson addressed th

Olympic Torch Arrives at City Hall as City Councilors, Mayor, Top City Officials and Cheering Crowd Look On

A Candian Press reporter expressed boredom, mitten clad clusters of red-coated Vancouverites waved and posed for photographs, and the Olympic torch bearer came to City Hall.  The band played the...

Olympic Torch Relay Day 6: Communities Celebrate from Dawson City to Inuvik

Day 6 of the Olympic Torch relay begins today in Dawson City and continues through different communities to end the day in Inuvik.

The Olympic Flame Arrives in Canada, Vancouver Bike Routes are Altered, and 2010 Red Mittens are Selling Fast

The Flame Arrives – The Olympic Flame arrives in Canada today (Thursday, October 29th) and will begin its 45,000 kilometer journey across Canada on Friday, October 30th in Victoria. Since Victoria...

The Lighting of the Olympic Flame: Transportation Changes Restrict Areas Downtown

Lighting of the Olympic Flame - The longest domestic Torch Relay in history actually begins in Greece today (Thursday, October 22nd) with a traditional ritual lighting ceremony in Olympia. ...