Enbridge Northern Gateway oil tanker route approved

Transport Canada issued a review today approving the supertanker route for the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline. The review stated that oil tankers can safely access a...

"On the Line" screening in Vancouver to raise awareness of Enbridge oilsands pipeline

Festival Cinemas president Leonard Schein talks about his decision to screen environmental documentary "On the Line" to raise awareness of the Enbridge pipeline issue.

Oilsands pipeline: First Nations say Enbridge lacked due diligence

A lack of discussion around the oilsands pipeline by Enbridge has many First Nations worried.

Enbridge oilsands pipeline's economic damage could exceed $100 billion

Enbridge’s proposed BC pipeline would unleash billion of tonnes of CO2 into our destabilizing climate. Resulting economic damages from the climate pollution could be hundreds of billions of dollars.

Conservatives defend calling Northern Gateway pipeline activists 'foreign radicals'

Environmentalists are calling federal government accusations against anti-pipeline activists 'appalling' and a 'hyperbolic rant' - leading to some back-pedalling today.

Harper concerned about 'hijacked' Northern Gateway hearings

Echoing criticism from pro-oilsands EthicalOil.org, Harper claims foreign funding to enviro groups could compromise public hearings about Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline.

Vancouver tosses Greenpeace a 40th birthday party

Environmental activists return to their birthplace with a public party -- on their own "official" day.

Alberta oilsands at the centre of White House protests over next two weeks

Environmentalists pull out Hollywood star power to argue that oilsands crude is too dirty a deal for American refineries.

Government data shows Canada's greenhouse targets long way off

We may be as little as a tenth of the way to our goal, and there's no one easy way to pick up the pace, experts say.

Oilsands will be exploited in socially, physically responsible way: Minister

Statement issued as debate continues over how energy policy should be shaped.